The National Gallery Visit The National Gallery, London, on Google Art Project.

The National Gallery
Visit The National Gallery, London, on Google Art Project. Scroll through the collection and click on images, or use the museum viewer, to look at the different works of art on display.
From the gallery, select two works of art and respond to the series of questions provided to explore them in depth.
Complete this activity after you have explored The National Gallery, London, site through Google Art Project.
1. Describe the two works by providing the following information for each:
a. Who is the artist?
b. What is the title of the work?
c. When was the work created?
d. What medium is the work in (e.g., sculpture, painting)? What medium was used (e.g., clay, bronze, oil paint, acrylic paint)?
e. How large is the work? Provide dimensions.
f. Is the work realistic? Stylized? Abstract?
2. Compare and contrast the two works of art by considering the following questions:
a. Did the artists in some way create a space for some aspect of human life such as meditation, prayer, or finding inspiration? Explain.
b. Do the artworks record or commemorate a special event? If so, what?
c. Do the artists create a visible image of some idea or personage, such as a god or spirit, or an emotion or idea that has no visible form? Explain.
d. Do the artists offer a new way of seeing our world? Do the artworks refresh our vision of everyday reality? How so?
3. Based on what role the artist plays in each of the examples chosen, what forms of creativity are at work here? What traits of the artist are on display? Some questions to consider for each artist:
a. Does the artist display uncommon sensitivity by perceiving a phenomenon we might take for granted and not notice?
b. Does the artist show flexibility in rethinking existing relationships or creating new ones?
c. Does the artwork show originality, responding to our world in an uncommon fashion?
d. Does the artwork demonstrate effective analysis or organization?
4. Recall your initial reasons for selecting the two works.
a. What were your first impressions? What appealed to you about the works or what seemed unappealing?
b. Have the works of art deepened or changed your thinking about creativity?
c. Do these works of art offer a convincing example of how artists might see the world differently from others?
d. If looking at historical artworks, do the artworks illuminate the mindset of people from another time period?
e. How have your impressions changed after you looked at the two works closely?

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