The Proposal will be at least 2.5 pages, typed and double-spaced. You will inclu

The Proposal will be at least 2.5 pages, typed and double-spaced. You will include headings to show the main sections of the proposal. Research Proposal : How can small businesses survive financial instability?
Here is how these proposals are set up.
The first section is an introduction. Here you are basically telling what you will be researching and why it matters. My student would need to tell his readers that he wants to research how certain parts would cause a vehicle to get better gas mileage. He would then need to tell readers why it matters, why the research is important. There could be a lot of reasons why this would matter. For example, we tend to be very dependent on foreign oil, which has serious impacts on our economy.
Here is another example: We had to write a research proposal on our research paper when I took this class years ago. My introduction in the proposal explained briefly that I would research alternative fuels and air pollution. I then described why my research matters. Here I discussed how important it is for our health to have clean air to breath.
The second section is areas to be covered. Here you give an overview of exactly what you will be researching and the parts of your report. The best way to handle this is to look at the major sections of the report and briefly describe them. Also under this section, writers will usually give an outline of their report.
The third section is materials needed. In this section, you describe what materials you need to do the research and write the report. Here you would describe how much these materials would cost and how much money you would need. If you are doing primary research that does not require much if any money, you would just list some of the sources (books, magazines, websites) that you would use to write the report. In my proposal, I had all secondary research, so I just described some of the books I would use. Also under this section, you could describe the equipment you will use to write the report (for example what is the computer, software, printer, etc. that you will be using as you write the report).
The fourth and final section is qualifications. Here you describe why you are qualified to do this research and write this report. This section is important because a university, government or industry wants to make sure the person is competent and qualified to do the research project before they hand out the money. In this section, the writer can talk about education, job experience and any other information that shows they are qualified.
Here is what the research proposal would look like: I. Introduction- basically what you will be researching and why it matters.
II. Areas to be covered- description of what will be covered in the report and an outline of the report.
III. Materials Needed- what materials and equipment you need to research and write the report. Include costs if any.
IV. Qualifications -Why you are qualified and competent to do the research and write the report. If you write this type of proposal, each of the items in the above outline (in bold) would be headings in your proposal.

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