The purpose of reviewing a magazine and/or newspaper article is to keep you in t

The purpose of reviewing a magazine and/or newspaper article is to keep you in touch:
With the news Health issues and current events –In America
What is happening with drugs-Use, Misuse and Abuse
What is happening in America today
Please select a newspaper or magazine story that covers the issue of drug use, misuse or abuse. It
should be a current publication Ie in the past 6-8 months is current –Local and area newspaper or
national Magazines are best.
As you assemble your report, please use the following format:
Include the Authors name, publication that the article came from and the date of the article at the top of the paper.
Include in your opening statement why you choose the article and why other might have an interest in reading or learning more about the issue you are writing on and will be discussing.
In the following paragraph, write what the main theme or idea of the article that you read and are reporting on.
Next list any interesting facts or points that pertain to the theme Drug use, misuse and abuse in America today.
Detail any specific highlights or points that you wish to share with your instructor and/or your group or classmates- should I choose to post your review to share with others.
Write a brief analysis of the article and how this may influence decisions you make in life as you look to the future.
The paper should not Each paper should be no more than 1 ½ pages in length.
Below is the article that will be reviewed.
Alcohol-related deaths spiked during first year of pandemic, study shows – The Washington Post

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