The purpose of this research paper is to: argue an interpretation of ONE of the

The purpose of this research paper is to:
argue an interpretation of ONE of the short stories below
“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner
Your interpretation should be a synthesis of what scholars
have argued about the story organized into your own interpretive position on
the story.
Your task for the research paper is to ARGUE and literary
INTERPRETATION of the story you have selected. But what does that mean? Please
review the material on literary analysis that gives details on this. But here
is a quick recap of the METHOD that you should be using.
I want you to imagine that the only universe that exists in
the universe of the story you selected. You will be interpreting the story
based ONLY on the words of the story and nothing else. Therefore, here are some
things to avoid:
the author’s intention or his biography are NOT relevant and
should not be referred to in your analysis.
You should never confuse the narrator with the author;
narrators are characters, even if they seem suspiciously like the author
You should never refer to the audience or the reader because
you cannot know how an audience or reader experiences the story or how they
might feel about it.
You should not ask rhetorical questions in your writing
because that implies a familiarity with your reader and defers the answer to
the question to that audience.
Do not refer to today’s world or compare things in the story
to how things are today; stick exclusively to the story world and use only the
words on the page to derive your meaning, not what you think things are like
today to impose meaning on the text.
Don’t make your own generalizations (for example, people are
selfish) and then use that to interpret the story (therefore, character X is
selfish); you can only say the story makes the claim that people are selfish
and then you need to demonstrate how it does so and give evidence and argument
to back up this interpretation.
Always write objectively—so no “I,” “you,” or “we.”
FINAL DRAFT RESEARCH PAPER: Critical textual analysis.
This is the polished, revised and completed form of your
first draft and the final graded document.
Based on your outline, you will write a coherent and
organized 8-10 page essay. By 8 pages I mean that you need to have 7 full pages
and writing that extends onto the eighth page. If you do not meet this minimum
requirement, you cannot pass the research paper. In the essay you will be
providing arguments for your topic through close reading of the primary text
and by using secondary sources—all of which should already be detailed to some
degree in your outline.
Here are the requirements for the final draft:
You will be required to have a minimum of ten secondary
source references (paraphrases and/or quotations), but a minimum of five
different secondary source quotations.
You will be required to have a minimum of ten primary source
You will have no more than two block quotations in your
paper which should not exceed half a page.
You will include a works cited page at the end of the paper.
You should have proper MLA documentation and formatting.
Your paper should be in 12 point Times New Roman and it
should be stapled.
You will be required to have a minimum of 5 secondary
sources cited in your final draft of the paper, as well as quotations from your
primary source (that is, the short story itself). Therefore, you will have a
minimum of 6 cited works in your works cited page.

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