The references below should be used for this paper for article review: 1- The IA

The references below should be used for this paper for article
1- The IAFOR Journal of Education. The International Academic
Forum, 2013.
2- Journal of Education
and Entrepreneurship. Zeetarz Publishing, 2017.
3- The International Journal of Community and Social
Development. Sage, 2019.
4-Journal of Childhood Studies (Prospect, N.S.). Canadian
Association for Young Children, 2016.
5- Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice.
Edinburgh Napier University, 2013.
A- For this
assignment, you will find, read, critically review, and discuss a research
article about youth development. The final product of
your research review will be a 2-page paper that includes the following
sections in order:
I. APA-style (7th ed.) citation for
the article. Be sure your citation is correct and know that the one used in the
actual article may not be the right
Description of the article: What were the specific research questions?
State them as written.
How did researchers go about finding answers? Describe the
specific methods used, including participant selection and analysis.
What did they find? Summarize the results for each research
What were their conclusions? How might this research inform
human services practice in the “real world.”
Think critically about this research: What were the problems
with this research, if any? (You can examine the “Limitations” section for
ideas) How might you use this information in your own professional work with
people? What this study and/or topic good? Why?
A brief review of study summary (150 words)

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