There are several laws that govern the employees of a business. On your own rese

There are several laws that govern the employees of a business. On your own research the following laws.
1. Title VII
2. The Fair Labor Standards Act
3. The Family and Medical Leave Act
4. The Americans and Disability Act of 1990.
Please complete the following two tasks by writing at least 400 words.
Task 1: Explain in your own words what each of the Acts above does to help workers.
Task 2: Show your understanding by applying your knowledge to the fact pattern below.
Firenzi Cleaning and Restoration takes old, broken and/or corroded widgets and restores them to working condition. For this surprisingly high volume business, the company employs 20 widget prep workers; half are on the chemical cleaning side and the other half use soap, water and sandpaper. While workers can be assigned to one side or the other depending on need, they typically do not move from side to side.
Carl has worked at FCR for 20 years. He is the oldest employee hired on the chemical side. Over the years Carl has had to take heart medication for a condition he has had since birth. A side effect of the medication is extreme allergies to at least one of the chemicals FCR uses. For awhile he could still do his job wearing gloves, but now that his skin allergies have worsened he can not wear the gloves chemical workers must wear to comply with applicable regulations. He requested that the company accommodate him by permanently assigning him to the non-chemical side. However, the company denied the request after a robust interactive process that included a discussion of the request with Carl, review of relevant medical information, and analysis of the duties of the position. The company explained to Carl that while employees in the widget prep position often work on one side or the other (chemical or non-chemical), they could be called upon to work on either. The company reasoned that it was not reasonable to create a non-chemical side only position. There was not another open position for which Carl was qualified and the company separated him from employment as a result.
Carl filed a charge of disability discrimination, alleging an unlawful refusal to reasonably accommodate him. The company denied the allegations, explaining that no reasonable accommodation had been identified.
A) Explain whether Carl would have an age discrimination claim here.
B) Explain whether Carl would have an ADA claim here.
You may want to refer to the following sources or may find your own:

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