There are two contrasting theories of children’s rights: The Protectionist (adul

There are two contrasting theories of children’s rights: The Protectionist (adult centered) and the personhood/personage theories (similar to full-rights for the child). Given our analysis of the legal system you are expected answer the following: 1. Discuss the different theories as to the treatment of children and discuss which perspective (protective vs. full-rights) dominates our legal system? Which do you think is preferable and why? Make sure to cite specific laws or cases that support your answer (22.5 points) 2-3 page
2. Of all the people involved in the legal process (Social Worker, Judge, GAL, parents attorney) who do you think is in the best position to take on the personage perspective? Why? (1-2 pages) (7.5 points)
3. Provide analysis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. What is it and which view does it reflect? Make sure to discuss specific elements of the CRC and how it reflects a particular view (cite specifically from the CRC and outside professional journal articles) 2-3 pages (10 points)
4. Why do you think the US has not adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? Do you believe it is moving in the direction of adopting it? In what ways has our laws changed that reflect values behind the CRC (choose one topic where you feel we have made progrees)? 2-3 pages (15 points)
5. Finally, choose one area that we have covered in class and address how the courts could better protect the best interests of the child by taking on more of a personhood perspective. In discussing this you must discuss the CRC position on the topic and how it differs from the current status of the US in regards to the selected topic. You must also tie in sociological/psychological material to support your response. This portion of the paper requires that you pull in scholarly journal articles on the topic as well and can include some of our outside readings and resources. (6-7 pages) (45 points)

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