. This document should be 7 to 10 pages in length and include a cover page and s

This document should be 7 to 10 pages in length and include a cover page and
should be formatted in APA style. (Title
page and reference pages are not included in the page count). Students may “invent” the agency or
community organization for which they are proposing the group.
you are a professional, you will research the group topic and demographics of
group members. You will have a minimum of three to four sources (depending on
the number of members are in your group). These sources will be scholarly
articles from peer reviewed journals. For example, depending on your group membership
and purpose, scholarly articles might deal with:
· the
developmental stage and particular challenges of your population (children,
adolescents, elderly). · Cultural
and ethnic characteristics · Problems experienced
by proposed group members (addiction, chronic disease, homelessness, challenges
around release from prison, caregiving to Alzheimer’s patient,
challenges around reunification of children with parents, new
immigrants, early stage dementia, domestic violence, substance abuse,
discrimination, learning disabilities, coming out in regard to sexual
orientation or gender identity, grieving, etc.. )
· information
about members’ history of oppression
· evidence-based
research on topic information, theory and/ or intervention model
The third or final source of information may come from a reputable
source on the Internet and will provide national and local stats on the problem
shared by group members. For example, if
your group addresses educational deficits and mutual support for residents at
Women In Distress in Broward County, provide information on the number of
domestic violence reports in Palm Beach County and how this compares with other
states or counties. Proposal
for a Group: [Title of Group being Proposed]
Positions, and Email Address
of Social Worker
proposing this group]
and positions of people at the agency who you are
to support this proposal]
Introduction [Purposes and
Rationale of the Proposed Group; cite research literature to support your
should be a brief statement, one to three sentences in length. Your
statement might begin:
This group will address…
This group will focus on
Participants will learn….
Through mutual support
and introduction of coping skills, participants will
This group will present
a safe place for …….to share ….and learn……
cite stats or information from your annotated bibliographies to support
your rationale. 2. Group
Composition and Diversity
specific? (example: victims of bullying)
identity specific?
3. Group
Time Frame and Location
Will the group
meet for one or two hours?
How many
For this
assignment, limit the sessions to 6-8 sessions
location use imagination tempered with realism
4. Group
This group is psychoeducational.
Give short discription
5. Group Leadership
[or Facilitation]
LCSW? BSW intern? 6. Model
of Intervention Read text
and check literature. For a psychoeducational group, Social Learning Theory
(Albert Bandura) presents a helpful way to understand how group work influences
attitude and behavior. Cognitive Behavioral Theory. Mutual Support Theory, or Thinking,
Feeling Behaving model presented by Cory in your textbook can fit into a
psychoeducational group.
Potential Obstacles and Ethical Issues
See power
point and textbook. Think about the characteristics of your group members and
how they might be vulnerable to harm through group work.
8. Evaluation of Group Outcomes
will refer back to the group goals and objectives. See power point on group
evaluation in the module 11.
Budget. Think this through as realistically as possible.
Total Expenses
Sources of Funding
Total Sources of Funding
; 12. References
Using APA format , place all references here [Attach any appendices that you
mention earlier in the proposal]
for Group Proposal and Presentation (100 pts)
For the written proposal, did the student:
State purpose of the proposed group so that evaluation can
measure the extent to which the purpose was achieved? Demonstrate knowledge gained in this course to plan the
content and process of the group, including:
· Type, time frame, structure, number of
members, diversity. (10 points)
· Written proposal is 7 to 10 pages in length and
free from grammatical issues. (10 points)
· Demonstrate the ability to choose and explain a
theory or model of intervention that is consistent with the group purpose and structure.
(15 points)
· Choose two scholarly articles (each student in the
group) from peer-reviewed journals and compose the annotations for each one
according to directions. (10 points)
· Place error-free APA reference page and appropriate
APA formatting throughout proposal. (10 points)
· Demonstrate knowledge of the NASW Code of
Ethics in predicting possible ethical issues, including the competence of
the group leaders in terms of membership, topics, and leader education and
experience. Demonstrate forethought in predicting possible barriers to the
group’s success. (25 points)
· Choose and explain an evaluation method that
reflects the group purpose as described in the Introduction. (10 points)
· Devise a budget that is thoughtful and
realistic, if not exact in terms of cost? (10 points)
For the Powerpoint
presentation, did the student(s) · Create slides that were inviting to look at and
approach the goal of 6-8 words per line and 6-8 lines per slide?
· PowerPoint presentation is a minimum of 15
slides and no more than 20 slides.
· Respond to questions posed by students or
instructors on discussion board or in class? · PowerPoint is free of spelling and grammar
errors. · Paraphrase slides. Students did not read slides
· Clearly articulate and used a good tone of
voice, eye contact, and optimism.
· Display an appropriate level of professionalism.

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