This is a braided essay for an English 101 course. The writting should be of a c

This is a braided essay for an English 101 course. The writting should be of a college level. The tone is not professional. The topic should be relevent to college students or young adults.
Here is and example of a Braided essay:
– The rubric/instructions is listed below.
– Make sure to have at least 2 sources from any of these sources: NYTimes, WSJ, American City Business Journals. These sources are fr-om the University Database and can be also found online. When you look at the Research requirement section of the instructions, you should see this requirement.
– 4 sources are a minimum.
– The instructions and the BIAW textbook are listed below.
* Here are some brain storming questions to help think of a topic. Doesnt have to be added to the final paper.
Beyond academics and campus life, what do Mason students care about? List at least three potential topics, issues, events, etc. that students currently care about, that they have opinions on, and that they have some power to influence with regard to their ability to do something about the issue or to think about it in a new way.
How is each topic you listed relevant to students, and how do you know?
Explain how each topic is within a student’s control to do something about (in which case, explain what action they could take) or to think differently about (in which case, explain why it would matter that they think differently about it).
What personal experience do you have with each topic that you can potentially describe/narrate/braid into your paper to demonstrate the issue more broadly (and help to persuade your audience)?
Of the topics you listed, which topic do you believe is most relevant/interesting and why? Which topic do you believe has the strongest personal experience for persuading your audience to consider your perspective?
Comment praise, encouragement, or potential ideas to one or more of your classmates’ brainstorms.

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