This is a project essay on Multi-modal analysis of a cultural element. Your ove

This is a project essay on Multi-modal analysis of a cultural element.
Your overall goal in this is to explain the cultural
element and its social and historical contexts, analyze,
argue, and illustrate in various ways how and why, or not,
this practice fits within a specific cultural context, as well as how people outside of the culture may
view and mis/understand it. Your research and ideas/opinion will be engaged in various ways:
 You will implement and cite at least five (5) secondary research sources to assist in
supporting or rejecting claims. At least one of these sources should be written by an insider
to the culture’s group, practice, or element.
 You will implement, caption, and cite at least two (2) images that accurately reflect the
culture, practice, and/or element you have
 Further, you will hyperlink six (6) other
sources (at least two of which will be video or
audio; two others will be articles) within your
document that lead your audience to further
information about a concept which needs Figure 2 This image represents the diversity of culture across
continents. Christopher Corr/Ikon Images/Getty Images
Figure 1 Elements of culture
ENG 112
explanation. These hyperlinks will lead your audience to information that has not already
been implemented or cited within your text.
Your primary goal is to analyze, synthesize, and show how this cultural element should be
viewed by outsiders – people or cultures – based on research sources and analysis of the elements
presented. You are also to assess the function of this culture element within its specific cultural
identity; further, you will analyze how and why an external or different culture understands and
accepts or interprets and rejects the practice/element.

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