This is going to be a Process Paper a Process Paper basically has 4 essential pa

This is going to be a Process Paper
a Process Paper basically has 4 essential parts. The first and last you should know: the introduction and conclusion. The other two parts are what we’re going to call ‘Tools & Prep’ and then the ‘Steps’. These are just as they sound.
The ‘Tools & Prep’ should tell readers everything that they’ll need to complete the process. Now the steps part is the steps of your process, clearly written and organized.
Just because it’s 4 parts doesn’t necessarily mean 4 paragraphs. Both the ‘Tools & Prep’ and the ‘Steps’ parts could be broken into multiple paragraphs depending on your process.
Also, be sure to include any warnings or words of caution in your paper. For instance, if you’re dealing with electricity, you might want to remind people of the dangers of not turning off the breaker. Essay should be around 700 words (aim for 3-4 pages)
You have free range on this one, with a few small stipulations:
1. Must be a repeatable process. For instance, any recipe with the same ingredients and things should result in basically the same product. Telling me how to fall in love will not result in the same result each time. Make sense?
2. Must be more complicated than making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 3. Should be less complicated than rebuilding a car engine.
You’ll see there are 4 parts to the essay. Intro, Tools & Prep, Steps, and Conclusion. I want you to outline each of those steps for the Process you will write your essay on.

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