Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you will nee

Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you will need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. Address the discussion topic after you have completed your reading. Be sure to post at least three times over three separate days, with your first post made by Saturday of the unit week. Initial posts should be approximately 100 words in length. Your three posts should be composed of your own initial response to the question and two additional responses to your classmates and/or instructor. Any external sources used should be cited and included in a reference list at the bottom of your response. Use APA formatting guidelines.
Discussion Topic: Drivers of Global Business
One of the challenges facing global business leaders is determining which international markets have a sufficiently acceptable environment in which to operate.
Based on your readings and learning activities, consider the case of Sintal Group, a Belgian candy company headquartered in Brussels. It is a growing candy company with four manufacturing plants, 870 employees, and 2020 sales of $490 million. Senior management has been considering possible international expansion, evaluating many potential locations, including Bulgaria’s particularly promising market. After performing some research about the different factors under consideration, describe in detail four factors that Sintal’s senior management would want to learn about Bulgaria’s business environment before reaching an expansion decision.
To support your assertions, utilize at least one academically credible research source in your response, both citing it in-text and listing it as a reference at the end of your post.

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