To what extent can environmental dumbing be classified as a social problem with

To what extent can environmental
dumbing be classified as a social problem with global consequences?
for Essays
help structure your paper, the following must be adhered too. You should use
headings (do not use the questions below as your actual heading- develop your
own thematic headings).
1. Identify
the problem and the way it is defined.
2. Is
this a “new” problem?
3. What
are the values and beliefs that make the events of concern defined as a social
4. Who
is now defining this issue as a social problem and how is that different from
the past? What conditions are
different? How is society different?
5. Identify
the causes to which the problem is attributed.
6. What
ideologies, theories, or paradigms of the social welfare system are
relevant? Why?
7. Who
has power in regard to this issue?
8. What
are the social, economic and environmental justice issues related to this
9. What
are the cultural, diversity and human rights issues associated with this social
10. Is
the problem adequately addressed by present social welfare policies and
programs? (Global, United States,
11. What
social welfare policies and programs are relevant to the problem? Is there a role for social work? If so, what is the role of social work?
12. Is
there more or less which should be done?
What are your suggested changes or approaches to the problem?
sure that you have an introductory paragraph that includes your thesis
statement and an appropriate conclusion (See APA guidelines for the entire
paper). You must use headings for each

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