Topic: C. Wright Mills’ (1959) landmark text The Sociological Imagination begins

Topic: C. Wright Mills’ (1959) landmark text The Sociological Imagination begins with a brief chapter titled The Promise. It encapsulates the context and essential message of the book. When reading and taking notes on the chapter, focus on the definitions of, and relationships between, troubles and issues, and their parallel concepts of biography and history.
Select an aspect of your biography fitting Mills’ definition of “troubles” and discuss the broader socio-historical context – how your personal life is impacted by what Mills defines as issues. Choose your example carefully because not all of the personal troubles in your biography are directly linked to broader social issues and historical processes. Compose an essay discussing the concepts in Mills’ work, and how they apply to an example from your personal biography.
Guidelines: This exercise will help you develop the skill of paraphrasing and summarizing without plagiarizing. Do not use direct quotes in your paragraphs. In the notes, you take to prepare for this assignment, avoid copying sentences directly from the text because they may end up in your final essay as plagiarized material. If you do copy from the article, book, or video include the page number or time marker from a video so that you can correctly cite the information.
Your essay should include a brief summarization of the sociological imagination concept. This will establish the context for your further discussion. To explain your example, you will need to use paraphrasing to define and discuss the relationships between troubles in your biography and socio-historical issues.

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