Topic for the discussion post 2: “What, in your opinion, is the better justifie

Topic for the discussion post 2:
“What, in your opinion, is the better justified model of social corporate responsibility that was discussed during class and in the textbook?”
Briefly elaborate your position on what you consider to be the most reasonable CSR theory. Please base your answer on the textbook reading, relevant ppts and lecture moral theory discussions. You must give reasons for your position.
◦ 1 original post: Provide at least one concise (300 words or fewer) and thoughtful response to each question posted by the professor, based on your thoughts, ideas and opinions about course readings.
◦ 1 peer response: Respond to the post of at least one other student (200 words or fewer).
– Respond to this post by my classmate
Among the CSR models are the Stockholder Model, the Stakeholder Model, and the Moral Minimum Model (modified Stockholder Model). The model that stands out to me the most as better justified would have to be the Stakeholder Model. This is because the other two models have some blaring issues.
Most notably, the externalities objection to the social good argument for the Stockholder model. This model seeks to maximize profits for stockholders, often at the expense of stakeholders. Thus, if everyone pursues purely profit, and they do, the externalities market failure will and has resulted in drastic consequences to the environment. Another issue present is the current lack of a system to quantify the cost of public goods that are taken for granted.
The Moral Minimum model somewhat alleviates these issues by prioritizing doing no harm to stakeholders over maximizing profits. However, this does not prioritize preventing harm or doing good to stakeholders over profits. There also lies this ambiguity over what dictates causing harm directly and not preventing harm (causing harm indirectly). In order to reverse the harm that has been done, corporations preventing harm and doing some good would certainly be a good start.
That leaves the Stakeholder model, one that gives equal consideration to all aspects that are affected by the corporation’s business practices. To me, it is quite clear that this model is better justified as it is holistic in considering everything the business impacts (often negatively). I would be curious if anyone had any objections to this model that addressed externalities at the same time.

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