Topic: Recruitment Challenges faced/facing by HR Departments in today’s Environm

Topic: Recruitment Challenges faced/facing by HR Departments in today’s Environment (impact of covid) and what are the measures they have choosen to overcome that.
Focus on below points with poper research supporting details with citations and references. Minimum 8 references required
You just need to identify which industry or occupations is experiencing challenges with recruitment.
Where does the problem lie (health care, business, accounting, hospitality etc.)?
What the recruitment challenges being faced by managers and HR?
Why are candidates not qualified or are they overqualified?
How can organizations attract suitable applicants?
What should the selection process consist of?
Recommendations for HR and organizations moving forward.
Thesis statement:
The pandemic’s aftermath and impacts and how HR departments struggled to
identify and supply highly qualified personnel to their firms
#Supporting statements
1. The recruitment process needs to be reimagined – digitisation, update with new technologies (as almost every organizations follows traditional recruitment process)
2. The need to hire quickly – There is increased competition for outstanding talents, Need to fill more than one position at once
3. The lack of qualified candidates and the need to screen passive candidates
4. Attracting suitable candidates – by building a reputation
5. Candidates are rejecting more offers than ever before – Candidates are shopping around for offers
6. Candidate drop-offs due to long interview processes
7. Failure to build a good candidate interview experience and journey
8. Decreased Recruiting Budgets
#Mitigation actionplans (Overcome plans)
1. Implementing e-recruitment using AI technologies
2. Build a strong brand by providing good candidate interview experience
Paper Structure (Total 6-8 Pages)
Page 1 – Inroduction (Whole page)
Page 2-5 (4 Pages) – Content (Recruitment challeges faced by HR team post covid)
Page 6 – Conclusion
Page 7-8 – References (6-8 refreences needed)

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