Use background of case study for paper that is stated below, Although A&B Compa

Use background of case study for paper that is stated below,
Although A&B Company is a fictitious one you should treat it as though it was a real company. A&B Company has been formed by combining several different real companies with whom I have consulted over the past thirty years into one organization. And although it is a fictitious company it offers you the opportunity to examine some very real problems that many organizations face today.
So who is this A&B Company? This organization is a manufacturer of high technology products that has been in existence for approximately 25 years starting in the early 1990s by three individual entrepreneurs in a garage in the suburbs of Chicago. The company grew fast and was very profitable tripling its revenue over the first ten years. In year ten of the company’s existence they went public.
After being a market leader for over 15 years their share dropped significantly over the past ten years moving them from number 2 in the market to number 12. Revenue dropped during this period as did profit margin and stock value.
A&B Company has about 15,000 employees world wide with manufacturing plants and sales offices in the United States, Belgium, Germany, the UK, and Australia. The company’s headquarters was recently moved to Seattle, Washington.
The leadership and decision-making structure of the company is hierarchical (as is its’ culture). There is a President/CEO and several senior officers that help run the company including: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Chief Distribution Officer, Chief Science & Research Officer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Human Resource Director.
Use the bottom half instructions for assistance
Introduction – This is an “Introduction” to the paper. It is not and “Executive Summary” in the traditional sense in which the entire paper is summarized briefly for the reader. The introduction should, in a compelling way, introduce the reader to the paper by indicating the purpose of the paper and how this will be accomplished. It is helpful to the reader to find a unique way to open up this section. Referring to best practices is a good practice. Best practices are often evidence driven and have proven results.
Program Background – In this section you should: 1) Discuss the context/organizational environment of A&B Co. in which the program/plan is developed and (2) Identify the research that supports your assertions.
Business Goals – The first major part of the Communication Plan is a discussion of the goals of the company. This section of your Communication Plan is the most important. It sets the direction of your your plan and everything you compose after this section ties back to the Business Goals. What does A&B Company want to achieve and how will they achieve this. What is motivating the company to change? What factors in A&B Company need to change in order for the business goals to be successfully achieved?
Business goals should be divided into the general overarching goal(s) of the company and then the specific goals or objectives that provide the path to reaching the overarching goal. And It is important to support your goals through research findings that are discussed in the class and other source material that you might be aware of.
Here is some additional detail related to this section of the Communication Plan.
Consider the business goals of the company as they relate to a change in culture. How is the current culture defined and what characteristics determine this? Lectures 1a and 1b and the Cameron & Quinn text explain the two dimensions upon which organizational cultures can be defined. It is very important to consider these two dimensions as you develop your Communication Plan as well as the results of A&B Employee Survey that is reported in my lectures.
How does the hierarchical culture (the current state) differ from the innovative culture (the desired state)?
What needs to change to achieve the desired state?
Identify the general goals that are consistent with this change and the specific objectives that support these general goals.
What other concepts, that you were introduced to in the class, should be considered as important to change that could also be considered major business goals. For example, one of your required texts is titled “Organizational Culture and Leadership”. How might the information found in this text help you complete this section.
What do you measure that defines each goal/objective and how do you measure this
Several examples of partial tables for the Business Goals section are found in the “CommPlan Development Guide and Template”. This template is found in the Week 1 Module of the course.
Basically, this section of the Communication Plan defines the current state of the company, why it wants to change, what is the desired state, how will the company achieve the desired state and how will the company know when they have achieved success.
Hint: Illustrations, graphs, pics, tables that summarize these points and the integration of material from your readings/lectures in this class to support this section are very helpful.
Also use templates as example if needed to understand

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