Vision, mission, goals of the agencies Overview of services available Any commun

Vision, mission, goals of the agencies
Overview of services available
Any community partners
Eligibility requirements to receive services (if any)
Role of human services worker
Review pages 562-563 of the text to help you prepare
Have the interviewee sign the document provided and email directly to me:
Include the following questions in the interviews (you may include others as well):
Which theoretical framework (see chapter one) does this agency use?
What intervention skills does this agency use to provide services?
What specific degree or educational requirements are necessary to work at this agency?
Prepare a 750 – 1,000 word paper that integrates the findings from the outline submitted in week three and the interview findings. The paper should be comprehensive and highlight the key findings of agency interviews. Include the following in your final paper:
Introductory statement
Summary of agencies selected and why you chose those agencies
Overview of services offered through the agency
Summary of what you learned during the interview (include answers to the questions identified in “conducting the interviews”).
Format your paper per APA and be sure to cite the interviews as personal communications (see example below). You must submit the signed acknowledgement with your paper.
The attached Interview Verification Form is a required component of the final paper. Each verification form is worth 5 points. For in-text citations when quoting the person you interviewed, the citation should look like:
Hustedde stated “welcome to the class” (personal communication, February 9, 2015). For the references page:
Hustedde, C.K., personal communication, January 4, 2015.
Interview Verification Form.docx

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