With the policy problem of accessible universal health care develop a policy rec

With the policy problem of accessible universal health care develop a policy recommendation. Explain the policy issue and why you consider it a policy issue. What criteria do you use to define the problem as a significant policy issue? Explain and defend your criteria. Why is this issue important to consider as a matter of public policy? Consider discussing the development and evolution of the policy issue, the current effect the policy problem has on the public or a sub-population—who’s involved; the scale of the problem; what is at stake.
In other words, choose a substantive policy area to explore – education, health care, immigration, foreign policy – and use outside resources to learn more about this topic. Next, identify a specific policy problem within this field such as student debt, income inequality, etc. The CQ Researcher online resource center has information on a wide range of topics. As you develop your paper, consider organizing it around three major areas: scope of the problem, policy alternatives, recommendation.
What is the scope of the problem? What is the policy problem you’ve identified? Why is this issue important? Who is affected by this problem (individuals, communities, groups). Please provide concrete evidence to support your claims.
What are the policy alternatives to solve this problem? What government and non-governmental actors play a role in the agenda-setting, development, and implementation of this policy? Identify and explain a set of policy options the government might take to resolve the problem.
What is your policy recommendation? Make sure to provide sufficient evidence to support your central conclusion and recommendation. Also, make sure to answer: What benefits will society see from resolving the issue? What is the goal of the policy?

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