Write a 3-page essay about ONLY ONE of the two novels listed. Emile Bergeaud, “S

Write a 3-page essay about ONLY ONE of the two novels listed.
Emile Bergeaud, “Stella
Levy, A Small Island
Try to answer these questions in the novel you choose to write about and try to connect the novels with the history of the Caribbean a little bit.
How do the brothers Romulus and Remus represent the different threads, sometimes convergent, sometimes at odds, of the Haitian Revolution?
Levy: How does Levy’s novel describe the in-betweenness of the immigrant and migrant experiences?
Your paper should accomplish the following:
It should possess an original thesis, a.k.a., an argument that is your own.
It should use select quotes from the novels – not long block quotes, but selective quotes that reinforce, rather than replace, your argument
It should draw from the textbook and other class materials to help you fill in the context, i.e., how do the novels compare to the real-life historical circumstances?
It should have a conclusion that offers some thoughts about how the authors chose to depict history and historical events.
There should be at least 1250 words (please write the word count at the end of your essay).
There should be parenthetical citations – i.e., (Kincaid, 87) or (Games, 223) – when you quote material from your sources.
The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that you have both read the assigned reading and thought about how fiction can help to illuminate fact. Or, in other words, how does the creative flexibility allowed to novelists and poets allow them to capture aspects of historical experience that historians, with their more fact-based approach, must leave aside?

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