WRITE ABOUT- a situation where i faced a HIPPA confidentiality issue. FYI- I am

WRITE ABOUT- a situation where i faced a HIPPA confidentiality issue. FYI- I am a just starting nursing school and do not have much experience yet. PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCE
Re: Reflective writing student project
writing is a tool utilized in nursing education to help you process a clinical
event through critical thinking and recognize how you can grow from your
thoughts on the event. To guide you in
this assignment, you will follow the 5 stages of Gibb’s model for the
reflective writing as noted below. Your Instructor
will utilize a consistent scale for grading. The expectation is for you to critically
reflect on a clinical event that occurred, and to process this event in your
role as a developing RN using these stages.
The overall goal is for you to: 1) grow in your role
as a future nurse by reflection and 2.) to assist you in developing skill in
writing a document by mastering flow, grammar, content, references. You may use
the questions in each stage below as a guide – you will not need to answer all
the questions if you were able to document your reflection utilizing critical
thinking and in a comprehensible way and were able to meet the criteria in the
grading scale.
This assignment is required to pass the course in all cohorts except OB & Leadership.
1) Description – describe the situation in
detail. When/where did this happen? How were you involved? Who else was there?
What happened? What did you do? What did other people do? What was the result
of this situation?
2) Feelings: write about what you thought
& felt during the experience. What
did you feel be-fore this situation took place? What did you feel while this
situation was occurring? What do you think others were feeling? What did you
feel after? What do you think now? Any thoughts on how others perceive the
situation now?
3) Evaluation (also entitled “analysis
” in some sources): an objective look. Comments on what was positive about
the situation. What felt negative? What went well? What did not go well? What
did you do to contribute (either positive or negative)?
4) Conclusions: how could this situation
have been a more positive experience for everyone? If faced with the same
situation, what would you have done differently? How did you learn (what skills
do you need to learn so that you can handle this type of situation better?
5) Action: possible actions that you can
take to deal with this situation & how to achieve this.
Examples of a clinical event that you can use; you
may have been in a patient’s room when they had an adverse change in their
clinical status. A Rapid Response and
then a Code Blue had to be called. You may use something that happened to you
or a family member if you are not yet in a physical clinical site. You may
choose to use a case study as well.
This writing project will use the stages and
questions above to guide you in reflecting what you experienced, felt, how you
grew from this event, and what you need to do as an action plan for your

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