You are to produce a 500 word paper (roughly 2 pages) to turn in midway during t

You are to produce a 500 word paper (roughly 2 pages) to turn in midway during the course. The instructor will be utilizing the Midterm rubric and making sure that all parts (bullet points) associated with each topic have been included and adequately answered. General guidelines are found below the topics.
Reincarnation in the East versus West. In Hinduism, one of the goals is to escape the process of reincarnation, or Samsara (wandering through), and to be released from human existence. Yet, here in the West, we tend to think more optimistically about living forever as an opportunity to get all we want out of life. Samsara, for many Hindus is a trap rather than an opportunity. Include in your paper, in no particular order, the following:
Give a thorough understanding of the concepts- Samsara, reincarnation, and karma. (LO 2.3)
What are the arguments according to Hinduism for why living again in the view of reincarnation is a trap? (LO 2.3, 2.4)
How is the concept of suffering different in the West than it is in India? Who, in your view, is more equipped to handle suffering? (LO 2.3)
Produce an argument for or against the idea of Samsara as a trap rather than an opportunity. (LO 2.3)
General Guidelines
You can support your papers with the sources gathered from the course material, reading, videos, or library databases. Some guidelines for the paper:
Title your file as follows: Last Name, First Name Midterm
Head your paper with the following: Topic _ Response 12 point type
Double spaced
Times New Roman font
Remember, all work is to be in MLA format.
MLA Formatting and Style Guide. Purdue OWL.
Using MLA Format. The Modern Language Association.

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