You only have to answer ONE of the questions from below: I have provided a resou

You only have to answer ONE of the questions from below:
I have provided a resource in files to help with if needed
If using any outside resource you must properly cite it in APA format with works cited only if needed for the question being answered.
Make sure question is clearly and thoughtfully answered.
These assignments are worth a good chunk of my grade.
Thank you
Imagine you are in an interview for your dream job. The interviewer asks, “You know what the difference between outsourcing and offshoring is, right?” You nod your head. She then asks, “How would you explain that difference?” How would you respond?
Why is it important to clearly separate the make or buy from the geography decision? Have companies in the past always followed this approach versus just following some industry best practice? Google some examples for the latter incorporating keywords such as “bandwagoning” and/or “mimicking”.
Do a google search one recent outsourcing case. How did they do it? Which of the four stages can you identify in the information provided ? Do you think they missed something?
What are typical pitfalls? Pick one and describe why a company might fall into that trap despite knowing better what do rationally? What could be drivers and circumstances under which companies are particularly prone to such errors?
We are all aware about China and India as offshore destinations. But what about the upcoming hype on Africa? Have a look for indicators why Africa is considered one of the next big sourcing destinations.
How does CSR come into play in the reshoring context? What are the drivers behind that?

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