You will develop a story-based “Choose Your Own Adventure” The theme for your st

You will develop a story-based “Choose Your Own Adventure” The theme for your story is pets, which means your story must involve a pet a dog. For this part of the project, you will create a PowerPoint presentation outlining your plan for the application. Your plan will summarize the story and indicate how the story will change based on user input. This plan will create a solid foundation for the rest of your project.
Detail a clear and concise title and summary of the story the application is going to output. The summary of the story should be based on the assigned theme and should contain a clear and concise description of the characters, setting, plot, potential conflict, and resolution.
List five questions your application will ask the user before the story begins that can be used throughout the story. Be sure to include the expected data types (Boolean, integer, text) that will be needed to capture the answers to the questions.
Describe two clear and concise decisions the user will make that will alter the output of the story.
Describe three clear and concise alternate endings to the story.
Create a flowchart that illustrates the input, output, and sequence of events in your application, including at least two decisions and three alternate story endings. You can use any format or tool for your flowchart as long as it is embedded in your presentation. Examples: Illustration tools in PowerPoint, Visio, or hand-drawn with a photo embedded in the PowerPoint.
It is helpful to begin by brainstorming different story ideas. You can create your own story or gain inspiration from outside sources. Be sure to select a story idea that is large enough to have different outcomes based on user input. If borrowing story ideas from outside sources for your application, please cite your sources.

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