You will want to explore what, exactly, theme is and how authors work with it by

You will want to explore what, exactly, theme is and how authors work with it by using both your table of contents and your index in your text. You will probably find your index to be more useful. Essentially, theme is the “big ideas” that a piece of writing invites us to ponder as we work with a piece of literature. Notice that I used “ideas” in the plural. Generally, in a great piece of literature, we are able to identify more than one theme which seems to run throughout the work. Your essay must utilize both reference to the story, which we call the primary source, and reference to at least one piece of literary criticism, which we refer to as secondary sources. Our library subscribes to several literary databases which you can access through our website. Use these to help inform your exploration of your short story. Do not use SparkNotes or Schmoop for your secondary source. These sources are fine to begin to get a general ideas about your story, but they often lead people in incorrect directions. You must include a Works Cited page. When you construct your bibliographic citation for the primary source and for any of the related essays from our text, remember to prepare the citation as a selection from an anthology. Use the new style of MLA, which has been simplified significantly and was updated in the spring of 2016. Remember any sources that are listed on your Works Cited page must be cited in the text of your paper, and any sources cited in the text of your paper must be included on your Works Cited page.
If you are rusty on preparing MLA documentation, I suggest that you go to the OWL at Purdue University. Simply enter it into a Google search; the site is known worldwide. The site is free to use and does not require a registration code. Additionally, the Polk State Library site offers a couple of different citation generators. Please choose one that you are comfortable working with and USE it. In your introductory paragraph, you will need to establish that you understand what theme is. You will also need to provide a brief introduction to the story that you will be working with. Finally, you will need to present a thesis which indicates your ideas about theme in relation to your story. Some ideas for your paper:
Discuss how one of the following:
use of language
helps the writer to explore a given theme. You could choose a single theme to develop. For each body paragraph, you would demonstrate how a single literary device from the list above helps to develop your chosen theme. You could also use the first body paragraph to develop the idea of a theme and its importance and the second and third body paragraphs would consist of discussions of the two most important elements that help to develop this theme within the story. You will be evaluated according to the organization and support of your discussion as well as the soundness of your thinking. Additionally, you will be held accountable for utilizing the conventions of academic English. Remember to include a thesis statement and topic sentences. Double-space. Follow standard MLA guidelines for formatting your paper. There is no need to include a title page.
The story you will be referencing from is Sony’s blues by James Baldwin
I tried copying and pasting the story.

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