Your individual research paper will pertain to one approach in the cognitive sci

Your individual research paper
will pertain to one
approach in the cognitive sciences (I chose The Social Approach) 1. Introduction
State the main highlights of the approach that is presented.
Balance the length of the introduction and the conclusions 2. Describe the fundamental characteristics of the
approach, its object of study (e.g., the structure and processes of the brain,
the relationships between the brain and cognitive processes such as language or
reasoning), and its methods of investigation (two to three methods of
investigation) (e.g., scientific experiments, patient studies, computer
3. Describe the characteristics of two models
of the mind generated from this approach.
contrast to a theory, a model refers to specific aspects of the mind (e.g.,
types of mental representations such as abstract symbols or images).
4. Explain the relationships of the two models relative
to one another (e.g., are both models complementary models? E.g., a model of cognition and a model of brain
processes can be complementary). Is one model an extension of the other? Is one
of the models an opponent model to the other?). After which, explain the relationships of the two
models with a previous one or a contemporary one (e.g., Are the models
integrating a basic or simple model?) (e.g., A model of memory can be created
from a cognitive approach, a neuroscience approach, and the cognitive
neuroscience approach. The latter model can represent an integration of the
former two.)
5. Explain two important advantages or contributions of
the approach.
6. Conclusions
Summarize two important
findings of your research and describe two research issues for the future.
7. References
List all
the academic references that you have used for your assignment. References will be verified, must be academic and easiy to find.

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