Your paper should be approximate 3-5 pages and contain the following elements: F

Your paper should be approximate
3-5 pages and contain the following elements:
First, discuss Socrates’ conception
of a gadfly and consider the most important features of such a person. What does a gadfly do? Why does he or she do it? What are the highest goals the gadfly seeks
to accomplish? How does Socrates’ life exhibit the characteristics of a
gadfly? Second, discuss someone alive today
whom you consider to be a modern gadfly.
What does this person do to effect social change, and why do they do
it? What is the problem they are trying
to change? Be sure to be as specific as
possible and to provide relevant facts concerning this data from a reliable
source (see the library tutorials on finding reliable sources). Commercial (.com) sources will not be
accepted. The most reliable sources are
from reputable academic institutions (.edu) or governmental data (.gov). Define any ambiguous terms. Finally, draw a conclusion about the modern
gadfly you have described and support that conclusion with reasoning. Is the modern gadfly you discussed following
the Socratic model, or is there a difference worth discussing? Is being a gadfly effective today? Is there a more effective way to create
social change? If so, what is it and why
do you think it is better? These are
possible questions you might consider, but you are not limited to these
Papers should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced and in 10- or 12-point
font. Margins should be one inch. Take care not to use the ideas, words, or
arguments of anyone else without properly attributing the source. I repeat:
acknowledging, citing, documenting, and summarizing the source. See the Avoiding Plagiarism module for details
on how to avoid improper documentation. All
references should be in MLA format. Please use the formatting I am modeling on
these assignment instructions (in fact, you may use the assignment
instructions as a template), including the information in the upper left-hand
corner of the first page (instead of a cover sheet), your title centered and
spaced 2 lines beneath that information, a header beginning on the
second page that includes your last name and title, and page numbers beginning
on the second page (anywhere on the page is fine). Please do not leave extra lines between
paragraphs. And, again, YOU MUST DOUBLE
SPACE your essays.

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